Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters

Todays world is a very mobile society. With everyone on the go, it is a heartbreaking experience to see someone left behind because of a medical condition that has placed limitations on a persons ability to be mobile.

Some of these conditions could be temporary, such as surgery or from injuries like a vehicle wreck. Regardless of age, no one whats to be left behind. There are also some medical conditions of the muscle, joint and bone that make it hard if not impossible for some of our loved ones to walk around for a long period of time.

In 1968, Al Thieme had a family member who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This motivated Mr. Theime to invent what was called the “friendly wheelchair”. The Amigo Mobility Scooters was invented. This wonderful invention has helped millions of people of all different ages and conditions to enjoy a personal type of freedom that was only dreamed of before. These mobile scooters are referred to as power operated vehicles commonly called POVs.

Several companies have joined and expanded the industry to produce the mobility scooters. Pride Mobility Products started in 1986 to focus on the chair lifts. Around six years later they extended to include the scooters with the Pride Rally Scooter. The many lines of scooters that Pride has introduced also includes the Quantum Rehab. This includes many medical scooters like the bariatric mobility scooter which is used to transport the obese.

Although the light weight wheelchairs that is propelled by the user is still needed in certain applications, Companies that have introduced the scooters like Lark Mobility Scooter has helped the everyday person to become more independent and self confident. Whether the need is for the inside or outside, there is an electric mobility scooter for almost every need.

The Harmar Scooter Lift has even made the transportation of the scooters very easy. With a lift that will fit almost any vehicle on the market today, there is now a very easy way to travel with persons with limited mobility. Even inside your house, there are items to ease the discomforts of walking up the stairs. The use of the reconditioned stair lift could be just the item to help a person with mobility problems. Wheelcare Scooter is one of the leading companies with a light weight frame and very sleek styling. With over fifteen years in the business, the simple to use scooters are built to last for years to come.