Bariatric Mobility Scooter

Bariatric Mobility Scooter

Bariatric is relating to or specializing in the treatment of obesity. The special needs of the obese can often be aided with the use of a bariatric mobility scooter. This could help meet the physical and the emotional needs of some of the special needs people.

Often the issues of arthritis, diabetes and other diseases will affect the mobility of certain people. The scooter is a confidence booster for the users that have limited mobility. A new world world full of unlimited possibilities will open for the user. The ability to move around might even allow for a more normal routine and perhaps to limit the need for as much assistance. Also called heavy duty, some of these scooters can carry over 500 pounds and travel up to 10 miles an hour. With some of the same features that are found on the light weight models, the heavy duty will also include an up grade of the seat, and larger wheels for improved outdoor use. The heavy duty scooter comes with both three and four wheel designs. A few of the models even come with a 14” wheel.


The first scooter was invent in 1968 by Al Thieme who had a family member with multiple sclerosis. This invention took place in his garage in Bridgeport, Michigan. This later became known as Amigo Mobility Scooters. The scooters of today have come a long way in the design.  With the accessories available, each of these wonderful machines can be transformed into a peice of equipment that is of a very personal nature to the user.  From simple items as a cup holder to medical items for things like an oxygen tank, these units are much more then a piece of equipment, they are a new way of life to some special needs people.

The medical industry has used the bariatric mobility scooter to help transport patients. Different types and designs have be engineered to meet the specific needs in the field of medical transportation. Some of the designs are even motorized. Some of the designs allow that only one or two people be needed to help the patient whereas before the need of several assistances may have been needed.  Pride Mobility Scooters have designed many styles of bariatric scooters under the Quantum Rehab devision.