Harmar Scooter Lift

Harmar Scooter Lift

One of the first electric scooters was invented in the garage of Al Thieme. The needs of a family member with multiple sclerosis was the motivation behind the design of this new type chair.

This simple design that begin in Bridgeport, Michigan in the year of 1968 and has now become the Amigo Mobility Scooter and has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people around the world. With the invention of the power operated vehicle or the electric scooters as they are also know, the mobility of people with special needs has been increased. Not only the life of the special needs person but the family members and the care givers of this person has been alter in ways that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable for years to come. The owners of these chairs have found a new type of freedom and independence that few could even dream possible before.

We have become a very mobile society. With the invention and availability of the family car, air, plane and train and even boat travel, the desire for special needs people to join with us has been greatly simplified with the electric scooters. The development of the scooters has in turn led for the need to be able to transport them. A few innovative manufactures such as Harmar Mobility has set itself apart from the competition.

Harmar Mobility was founded by Chad Williams in southwest Florida, in1998. With a simple commitment of making your mobility products mobile. Harmar Mobility offers a complete line of premium auto access ramps and auto lifts. By offering a mobility solution for virtually every vehicle and mobility device, Harmar Mobility has become the leader in the industry with a reputation for the high quality of their products. Top quality products has also helped to grow the product lines. “The Harmar Difference” is what makes them unique. Designs to make the lifts lighter, simpler and stronger, all products are designed with the concern of the customer in mind. Ease of use and durability is very important in the development of all the Harmar Mobility products. This commitment is backed by the three year warranty. This warranty is also fully transferable.

If you have a light weight wheelchair, Harmar also has products available for your needs also.  Most of the ramps will be installed using the vehicles hitch which is permanently attached to your vehicle that normally allows for towing. The lifts will be wired with the supplied electrical harness that has full length leads that attach directly to your car battery. The lifts and ramps are designed to be fully weather resistant and to withstand outdoor use. Some of the models even come with remote hand controls, these are required to be stored inside the vehicle.