Mobility Scooter Battery

Mobility Scooter Battery

When the mobility scooter was invented in 1968 it was built with the idea of helping a person with special needs to stay mobile. When Al Thieme designed the “friendly wheelchair” in his garage for a family member who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he invented more then just a power operated vehicle.

Which is commonly referred to as POV’s. The company that became known as Amigo Mobility Scooters made a lifestyle change that has affected many thousands, if not millions of people. Not only does it effect the person with special needs, but also the caregiver of that person. With the special needs person the mobility scooter can bring back an independence with the freedom of mobility that may have been lost for ever without aid of the scooter. For the caregiver, it helps with the ease that the special needs person can now travel and be a part of the outside world.

Mobility Scooter BatteryOne of the great things about the mobility scooter is the use of a rechargeable battery. No need to worry about gas. The mobility scooters come with a charger. Following the manufactures recommendations as each mobility scooter will come with different instructions. You will need to recharge according to instructions. Most manufactures such as Lark Mobility Scooters will allow for an upgrade for a larger battery. As the batteries are almost always the heaviest item on the scooter, make sure you will not have any problems if you need to dismantle the scooter.

Pride Mobility Scooters, like all of the best names in the industry, has a service department that can either help or complete work, if needed. Parts can be ordered from the manufactures or from a service dealer. It is advised to have a yearly service on most scooters, but once again, follow the owners manual instructions.

A scooter lift from Harmar Scooter Lift will allow for easy transport of your scooter. This is a great addition the making you completely mobile. The lifts are designed to fit most all vehicles that are on the road today. This lift fits the vehicle like a trailer hitch and most of them even has a remote.