Mobility Scooter Parts

Mobility Scooter Parts

Smaller tires that are great for indoors and on hard, smooth surfaces will help the mobility scooter to handle better in smaller, tighter areas. The Amigo Bravo, manufactured by Amigo Mobility Scooters will have the smaller tires.

The rougher the terrain and in the grass, the wider and larger the tires need to be. The largest tires will be found on the Sportster with 16” front and 20” rear tires. This scooter can run over 5” curbs.

Mobility Scooter PartsMobility scooter tires come in pneumatic or solid configurations. While the pneumatic tires will have a more comfortable ride and absorb shock very well, the air pressure will have to be maintained and these tires will go flat if punctured. The solid tires wile eliminate the need for maintenance but does not offer a softer ride as the air filled. Foam filled tires offer the best of both worlds. No maintenance with the softer ride. Some of the scooter manufactures like Pride Mobility Scooters have designed mobility Mobility Scooter Partsscooters with a actual suspension that will not allow the solid tires to effect the ride. With tire threads such as ribbed, knobby, turf and lug, you will be able to customize the mobility scooter to fit in your lifestyle. The width and thread type will of course determine the amount of traction you get.

If you have the best mobility scooter and do not want to use it because the seat is uncomfortable to you, you may as well not have the scooter. Lark Mobility Scooters manufactures some of the most innovative seats in the industry.  The wrong seat or one with poor design can cause painful pressure points and poor posture. The seat is directly responsible for user comfort. Width, height and depth are all important to the fit of the seat. The better seats are designed to contour to the back and the seat of the rider and will hold in positions. The pressure points from poorly designed seats will cause poor circulation and possible bed sores after prolonged use. Vinyl and cloth are both available. The vinyl will clean easier and is a little more durable while the cloth tends to breath better and does not get as hot if left in the sun.

Of course there is a wide variety of batteries and chargers along with almost every part for the mobility scooter. Accessories would include medical and comfort items. From oxygen tank holders to baskets, rear view mirrors and cup holders, canopies and covers. All leading manufactures have designed the mobility scooters to be user friendly and can be customized for every want and need.