Pride Revo Scooter

Pride Revo Scooter

The Pride Mobility Products Corporation changed from an existing family business in 1986 and started to focus on the manufacturing of the design of the lift chair. It was around six years later when the company extended its designs and operations to include the scooters.

The Pride scooters offered the mobility industry with models that was not only functional but offered options and sleek styling with accessories that was intended to not only meet but to surpass the customers personal needs, tastes and preferences. Continuing the with the creative ability of being one of the industries leaders in design and technology, the Jazzy was introduced. This patented power chair offered the customer one of the most maneuverable but also stylish power chairs along with a natural feel of the chair that had not been available on any of the chairs ever designed.

The next innovation taken by Pride Mobility Products Corporation was the conception and design of Quantum Rehab. This division was dedicated to the clients with the specialized and advanced rehab needs including the bariatric mobility scooter.  By combining the Jazzy power bases along with the the most advanced electronics, together with the most advanced rehab seating, the next few years saw the development of the Synergy Seating solutions, with the Synergy cushion line. The introduction of the Go-Go Travel Scooter began the full line of ultra-compact and light weight mobility products. The innovative features and compact designs make for easy transport. With the acquisition of the Silver Star Mobility, Pride has set new standards for the ease of the consumer to be mobile. This division is dedicated to the vehicle lift systems requiring little or no alteration of the vehicle used to transport the scooters. Now in the second decade of operation, Pride Mobility Products has continued with their commitment to the customer it serves while keeping a strong focus for the future of mobility products.

The Revo Scooter is available with the three or four wheel design. This is one of the most portable scooters of the Pride Mobility Line. With the ability to dissemble into five very light weight pieces, this scooter makes it easy for storage and transportation. Larger batteries give the scooter greater range. The legroom has been enhanced without the overall size of the scooter being increased. The Revo Scooter has the look and comfort of a full-size scooter with a very compact frame.

Although the Pride Revo Scooters are visually striking. They are more then just stylish. The sporty designs does not stop here. The accessories allows this scooter to be an extension of your unique style and personality while allowing you to make this scooter truly meet your needs. Additions of a front or rear basket might be what you need. The oxygen holder, cane holder, or even a cup holder just to name a few will help make this scooter custom designed just for you. Engineered with Pride’s high standards and their commitment of quality, you are will be amazed with the construction and durability of each scooter. The Revo Scooter will be a dependable part of your life and lifestyle for years to come. The Owners Club is another example of the desire of Pride Mobility Products to serve you. This cost-free on-line web talk message board allows you to interact with some of the other Pride Scooter owners. The innovative design of this scooter provides simple and fast disassembly. Allowing for the convenient of storage or easy transportation of your scooter. With a wide selection of options and accessories available from Pride Scooter’s the scooter of your dreams is waiting for your special needs.

Pride Revo Scooter                                                                        Pride Revo Scooter